Search Engine Optimization - SEO

What is SEO about?

SEO means creatively caring for highly ranked visibility on public search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo or others to highlight and accentuate the relevance of a website or video. As in every business any method to efficiently appear more significant on the web requires experience, knowledge and a professionally working hand to avoid mistakes and drops.

Optimizing a search engine´s ranking of services or companies is often misunderstood and mixed up with further marketing methods from advertising to banner ads on Google (e.g. Google Adwords). 

Optimizing the website (on-page or on-site optimization)

In order to figure prominently on the web and affect a higher visibility on search engines it is very important to design a website creatively, adapt the textual context and incorporate significant terms to meet the requirements of the search engine´s algorithm. Speaking of "onpage"- or "onsite"-optimization our service offers a whole website-investigation to find the proper and conspicuous positions and terms for a possible revision. This also includes optimizing headlines and titles, integrating Meta Tags and internal linking and many more. Any reliable and successful service aiming to optimize the results on search engines is concerned about activating interest by fulfilling several fundamental criteria in order to match with the regularity of algorithms. As the Internet is expanding gradually there is a constant need for regular adjustment and update.

Off-page / Off-site Optimization

Generally speaking this issue refers to all the measures being taken to highly rank the relevance of a website from other media or websites without actually changing the content of the concerned website.

Off-page-optimization is about the general performance on the web and includes linking of other websites. Each reference to your website on the Internet will be interpreted by search engines as some kind of recommendation and thus ensures a much higher ranking. The more links / references / recommendations from other websites you get to your own website the more success you have to figure more prominently online.

Since the year 2012, after Google has changed its algorithms, a new era of rules has become reality to be followed to and respected by the IT-industry when trying to make a website more visible. A wrong back-link may easily change the chance of being highly visible on the web and make you lose credits on Google and other search engines. The very fact that almost everyone on the web is trying to appear more frequently and reach more visibility on the web has disposed search engine providers to take a closer look on manipulating attempts on their system. Almost any unscrupulous attempt of webmasters targeting to remove barriers and achieve a better relevance on the web can be considered as abuse and manipulation which is finally leading to less credits on search engines in consequence. This is why quality matters and serious content is the only way to ultimately convince because search engines are always trying to avoid undesirable content and approve qualified articles or texts offering a better value for the user. Any spam and web-links to disapproved or banned websites with only low-quality content may have a negative effect on the visibility of your own website.