"Medicalsoft" Customer Management System (CRM) - Medical Email Management 

Medicalsoft is the name of our efficiently organized and professionally created e-mail-management system / software (CRM / Customer-Relationship-Management).

As an increasing number of patient inquiries are managed via e-mail any medical patient portal requires a professional and efficient communication system providing convenient and time-saving access from different places. Regular e-mail-programs or clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, GMX, Google Mail reach their limits in terms of volume and functionality as most of them are for general use only and do not meet the expectations of the medical business or the plastic surgery industry.

While evaluating multiple and specific requirements in the medical business I started cooperating with another German IT-company in 2008 in order to develop "Medicalsoft" as a patient-email-management-system. A large number of physicians and clinics actually make use of our efficient system benefiting from a significant time saving within patient management. Patient data can be accessed to in a convenient way from anywhere as much as e-mails are going to be managed fast and easily. Simply pressing a button can manage to send newsletters or insert textual content into related text. A secure access to all data (via online file manager) will be ensured, phone numbers and other notes can be added quickly. As being of enormous practical use many of our clients value an easy and intuitively access to different time-schedules on consultation diaries, operating calendars and personal reminders for their patients´ re-contact.

Flexibility with "Medicalsoft"

With "Medicalsoft" managing your patient-email-system we want to offer flexibility in all areas of the daily business. As companies operating in the medical industry have to meet several requirements "Medicalsoft" is built to easily fulfill individual needs covering the creation of web-surfaces to many other functions. Convince yourself about the quality of our services and feel free to contact us for further information!