About us

Let me introduce myself to everyone being interested in our business. My name is Andreas Krämer and I am the originator and owner of International-Websolution.com.

For almost a decade I am working as a consultant for hair transplants worldwide (more infos on our german speaking websites https://www.haiforlife.dehttps://www.haiforlife.chhttps://www.haiforlife.at, or our english and international Website: https://www.haiforlife.info). Starting in 2004 I noticed a rising and constantly growing need for professional, serious and excellent online-performance on the web (involving websites, Facebook, social networking, videos etc.) for the cooperating partners of my business such as clinics and surgeons.

Professional international Websolutions and Medical Online Services since 2008

Since it was difficult both for my agency (Hairforlife) and the cooperating doctors to find professional and serious companies for online-solutions on the Internet (involving such issues as creation of websites, social media, SEO, video-production and others) I myself started to get involved professionally with internet-related platforms and systems next to my work as a consultant for hair transplant. This included online-presentation, web-design, medical advertising, video-production, social medias, search engines and more. This is how I started to develop a medical patient portal based on a specific e-mail-client-management.

Through several activities I was able to constantly gain experience and knowledge leading to new services for professional websolutions in 2008 which have been offered to all of my cooperating doctors and clinics soon. A major part of them as much as other companies has finally made use of my services and taken the chance to revolutionize their public appearance on the international web (read more on "references").

Medicalsoft: Patient/Costumer-Email-Management-System

Since the year 2010 my company is able to offer an efficient and professional online patient/customer-email-management-system at its state of the art in collaboration with an IT-company (read more "medicalsoft-customer e-mail management system / software / CRM") displaying our extensive experience and fulfilling the regular needs of the business. Throughout the whole process I had to learn myself how incredibly time consuming any customer/patient-management can be when working with suboptimal conditions (answering and organizing e-mails). This has given me the chance to improve my work and create collaborated solutions. The new Medicalsoft-Patient-Mail-Management-System allows to save time and increase both efficiency and quality to manage the costumer´s or patient´s support easily and more rapidly.

International-Websolution.com > Web solution specialist for companies with international focus and/or companies with focus on medical business!

We are pleased to offer our experience and knowledge to any company internationally oriented (we have a lot of experience to build up online strategies for companies which want to operate internationally) and every plastic surgeon/clinic or medical company to create efficient web-solutions for online performances on the web. Our services include professional web-design and creation of websites, CMS, higher visibility on search engines (SEO), video-production, our professional medicalsoft patient/customer-Email-management-system and social media in general. 

"International-Websolution.com" will work on your needs and desires with professional care and competence. Please contact us for further information as we are pleased to help you!