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Welcome to "", your expert for web solutions. We are specializes in web solutions for companies with an international focus and companies in the cosmetic, plastic surgery and medical sector in general (find more "About us").

International online presence - Best actions for a successful findability and ranking in Google, MSN & Co in different countries

International companies want to be found worldwide. But how does one occurs in different countries in order to leave a lasting good impression on the Internet and, above all, to be possible well found with all languages in the search engines? 

You will have many different issues, such as: If you build an international home page at ( and translates them into different languages ​​and provides them online on,, or etc ., or one builds many different homepages for different countries in the local language such as,, etc.? But a nice website alone usually is not enough to be sufficiently well-found by customers.

Socia Media > Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube & Co:  Serious mix of online activities for better findability in Google, MSN & Co

In international online orientation many things should be considered. Successful companies (and companies which are good to find in internet and which have good rankings in different search engines) normally are based due to a successful mix of activities, which complement each other perfectly and enter into the sum in many positive "signals" to rank your homepage well in the search engines.

Nowadays, companies should be represented in all current and popular Internet platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and this should include also a channel on Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and Co with interesting images/videos. is your specialist for website creation, video creation, search engine optimization, creating Facebook pages @ Co. In recent years we supervised numerous internationally oriented companies (see also

Plastic Surgery: A sensitive issue to handle with care!

As being of sensitive matter online-solutions for clinics and physicians offering cosmetic surgery and medical treatment have some evident advantages. Anyone may find comprehensive and efficient information while searching the web anonymously in a convenient and cozy atmosphere at home. Plastic surgery and medical cosmetic repair are representing very personal and sensitive matters non of us is willing to share with others too openly. This is why so many people are looking for online solutions in terms of medical treatment and surgical procedures to be kept as their own business. 

Finding a perfect and matching web solution > Doctors/cosmetic surgeons and companies focusing on medical business! 

When obtaining professionality and advancement as a physician during a medical career the daily focus of the work lies on main medical issues which often do not leave enough time for complex and wasteful activities on the web in order to find cooperating partners or online solutions.

Although there is a vast rank of web providers, creative designs, search engine optimizing services, different patient portal services, movie-production-software and more available on the internet, the majority of these services is mainly designed for general interest only and does not meet the expectations of companies specialized in medical cosmetics or the plastic surgery industry. supervised in the recent years many physicians / surgeons and beauty care companies with a focus on medical business. We know well, with sensitive issues such as cosmetic medicine / surgery. We will be glad to help you!

What can offer

Advice on issues concerning international online presence (international websites/homepages), support you with specified web-design, content management systems, search engine optimization (SEO), creative video productions, social media in general and efficient patient portal services (medicalsoft customer-email-management-system/crm system). Watch also some of our references.

Please feel free to contact us for an initial non-profit and free consultation! Discuss your needs and desires and get both professional and efficient solutions on a serious and reliable basis! We are looking forward to your contact!